Monthly Archives: February 2017


Good grief. I have not updated my blog in entirely too long.

In writing news, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a piece of writing software call Scriverer to help me get organized. 

I’d heard of this software before, but was unsure if I wanted to make the purchase. Now that my funds are limited, every purchase must be budgeted. Given the high praise and my ever increasing frustrations with Word, I made the executive decision last week and purchased the software.

I’m only a few days into using it so cannot give the product an accurate review. I am hopeful; however, that this purchase was a good investment. I have become increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer number of writing projects I find myself involved in. Projects that more often than not are half finished and have multiple versions that span multiple back ups on multiple computers.

Just the idea of reviewing all files and finding some way to organize them has been enough to leave me completely overwhelmed. I like that this program will allow me to use templates for writing projects and multiple files will be kept together as a single project. I can create character sketches, include my research, and divide my writing into chapters and scenes rather than having one large Word file which makes it difficult to move/cut and paste entire chapters. You can set up writing goals then measure your progress. And there are editing features and so much more. 

There is still much I need to learn, but so far I’m enthusiastic.