Lost Poem

I love finding lost writings when I review old files. I’ve years worth of word documents stored on my computer. Sometimes it’s necessary to review such files to see if there’s any material worth salvaging. 

I must admit there’s an awful lot of angst-driven, cringe-worthy, where is my life headed nonsense. I seem to have been stuck in that phase for quite a while. Thankfully, it’s since passed and I can now write about more pressing and interesting topics. 

Anywho, I found this little gem, lost among my files. Methinks it’s a keeper…


A fluid thought suspended in mid-motion;
An unconscious decision slowed by atrophy.

Erosion, corrosion,
A body wasting away

What then when the petal wilts from the rose?

I cycle in the perpetual motion of time. Caught in the dawn of spring; the eve of fall
While thoughts intertwine a body that bruises even while it heals.

Another lesion lines the cord
an insidious reminder of an uncertain future.

I imagine nerve impulses slowed by a barrage of scars;
Wires rusting with oxidation;
Barriers weakened by inflammation;
Misinformed cells attacking the very essence of life.

I am lost in a maze of malfunctioning pathways;
Trapped in a prison of mass
That collapses as axons die.

I am betrayed by flesh;
Attacked in silence;
Weakened by scars.


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