I am nothing
but a byproduct of what others wanted:

A protegee of collected memories
stored inside a cavity, a nook.

And yet,
imagination waited
for this child caught in your pages.

Lines of black,
page after page.

While dawn turned to dusk
and a child waited for absolution
from nights cursed by Apollo.

Nemesis, you waited in the shadow of Nyx:
Left me to decry the fate of arrogance
while my petals wilted to nothing
but dust.

Fears in moonlight
changed to reality in sunlight.

Two existences,
never whole.

And now,
this child,
knows not the boundary between real and imaginary.

Caught between Nyx and Appollo,
the pain of a thousand heart beats,
a procession of half-truths,
form thoughts
form matter.

An absolution,
trapped in fear.

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