I live with a mind that tries to bend and shape reality
such restless chatter that encapsulates all perception.

It is easy for me to fear what I do not understand
until I am left with only the ghosts of experience.

Each morning I wake, calm at first until I hear a voice:
a single phrase that turns into a steady stream of words.

On and on it rattles until that calmness is replaced with quickened breath, sweaty palms, and that slow subtle headache that starts first behind the eyes.

There are nights, when I toss and turn in that state between dreams.

I am not fully awake – not yet – but sweet restless sleep eludes me until I resign myself to remain with my eyes closed while my mind wanders and whispers.

It whispers false truths like a stranger in the night.

Sly is the devil that lives in the mind:
my ego whose horns pierce through any shield.

Serenity is replaced by noise
by endless chatter.

Such a plethora of thoughts that spark reactions.

What is real beyond the veil of perception?

Every truth is a stem that springs from the mind.
Every lie a thorn.
Every creative impulse a rose.

What then when truth eludes and perception lies?

What then when you see the world through lens
clouded by false realities?

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