Consume me
Drink until you’re full with my taste.

Soft like the petals of a rose
And let my lips swallow your sorrow.

Until now, I never understood
the longing that accompanies this love.

You want to save me
And I want the destruction.

Fire to water
Rock to quicksand

Carry me home
On a wave of flames
That destroy reason and rational.

You cannot change me
And I don’t want to change you.

Let me hold you in this fire
Keep you close to a beating heart.

Watch with me as buildings fall
And riots rip through streets paved with sweat.

Your hand is hot against my skin
Your breath a symbol that equals life.

We create a cocoon of understanding
In the acknowledgement of each other.

A slight tilt of your head
Dark hair spotted with gray

Your laughter soothes my worn nerves
That interweave with your own.

I want to kiss away the gray in the hopes
That we won’t age.

I hide in your smile
Knowing that each moment is a precious illusion
Transient seconds that form a person’s life.

Change is a constant that I do not wish to understand
A fear that any control is fleeting.

I want my seconds to be with you.

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