Monthly Archives: April 2017

Finding an Editor… And so it Begins

Eureka! Content is finally complete. Thru the Storm is ready to be reviewed by outside eyes. Now comes the difficult part of finding an editor. I’ve tried two sources/contacts already with no luck. Now it’s time to go by word of mouth and research. 

It was twice suggested that I contact my local universities to see if I can find a professor or master’s (MFA) student at a writing center who might be willing to take a look. There are several universities in my area, but honestly I am overwhelmed by even the prospect of this option. Still if that’s the route I must take… Need to do a bit more research before I make any final decisions. 

Purchased two new poetry books for my collection, Sunbathing at the Bottom of the Atlanticby Anthony Taylor Dunn and Poetic Amusement by Raymond Hammond. I first read Dunn’s work in the literary magazine, Poetry East. His work resonated and I’m quite excited for his book to arrive. I just heard of Hammond via a 2011 Huffpost online interview but have not yet read any of his work. 

Artwork is also coming along. Only a few more final touches until the fifth and final painting for Thru the Storm is complete.  I’ll soon need to start looking at how to design/format my book as I’m 99% sure I want to self-publish. Not only will it teach me the process of self-publishing, but it will allow me to get my book into the hands of readers much sooner than going the traditional route. 

I’m excited. Now that content is complete, there’s so much more for me to learn in how to get this published. 

Stay tuned!