Monthly Archives: July 2017

Art Ability and New Focus

Twelve days ago I bit the bullet: I submitted 5 original paintings to an art show called Art Ability. A close friend encouraged me for weeks before I finally took the plunge. I’m excited but trying not to think too much about it. A level-headed approach is best. Judges are to give final results by the end of August so at least I won’t have to wait too long before I hear. 

In other news, I’ve switched focus and am now working on the second draft of my first novel. This was the right move. The other novel is frustrating me as I still don’t have a story after writing more than 40,000 words. All is not lost though. I have 3 new characters and it’s only a matter of time before I’ll know more about their story. For now, I’ve put it aside and have been working steadily on my other novel, one in which is part of a series. 

Not only am I not starting from scratch, (I have hundreds of pages of backstory, character sketches, plot points, and an actual first draft) but right now, this story calls to me. I’ve done the background work and now am filling in the blanks. I still have moments where writing feels almost painful, but overall I’m making much more progress.