Way of Story Writing

It’s been more than eight months and I’m still struggling to make sense of this novel. I’ve felt a well of anxiety these last few months that’s only grown deeper with time. I am floundering in an ocean of thoughts whose waves bring characters whose stories remain locked beneath the churning sands.
I now have three characters forming a strange sort of triangle, but I don’t know what each of them want. I am doubting the challenges they must face. What then is their character arc? 
There is still so much I don’t know. 
As is often the case, I hear a character’s voice and over time he/she walks in my mind. But what’s missing now is the frame. I have only ghosts; their images only wisps whose voices demand attention. And so I struggle with their stories….
I decided then to sign up for an online course to help me unravel this mess. The story is here within me. I can feel it. But something is blocking me. The course Way of Story Writing combines craft with intuition and spirituality: soul work if you will. The moment I learned of it, I felt its call. Without hesitation I enrolled.
The course consists of 16 weeks, with a new lesson released each week. I completed week one today and already the writing prompts and visualizations are stirring creativity.
Trust. Intuition. Feeling. Soul. Each are key components to unraveling the story within. Sometimes a reminder is needed.

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