Learning Technique — The Bob Ross Way

Creative energy needs an outlet. It just so happens that in addition to writing, that outlet is drawing and painting.

Years ago, I enrolled in my first art class in college. It took weeks, but I learned to release control and trust my instincts which led to my first completed drawing. I still remember the piece: A charcoal still life of flowers in a vase.

My professor stayed with me, hours after class had ended, to allow me to complete my work. When I asked why, she replied, “Because you made a breakthrough.” From that point on, I was able to channel that creative energy into more than just writing.

I’ve taken other classes scattered over the years, but recently, have taken to watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube to learn more about his painting technique. It’s interesting. It’s fun. It’s free.

So far, I’ve completed four oil paintings. All are loose copies of his own work. Eventually I plan to venture on my own, painting local scenes using the techniques learned.

It’s wonderful, having more than one creative outlet. Sometimes it’s needed. Especially on days when words escape me and I stare hopelessly at my computer for hours: angry, sad, and frustrated that what I feel remains locked up inside me.

Painting is another lifeline. As much as I love the flow of words, to tinker with sentence structure and word choice until I feel satisfied enough, there is a refreshing energy expressing yourself in shapes and colors. In balance and technique.

There is something wonderful in stretching yourself creatively using multiple outlets.

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