Writing, Painting, Applying, Oh My…!

I have been woefully lax in updating my blog these last few months. It’s no excuse for my absence but there’s no beating around the bush. I got lazy with it even while my painting and writing has continued. 


Artwork: Art Ability was a great success! The show runs until the end of January, but as of now, I’ve sold one of my two paintings AND obtained a commission, which is currently in progress. I submitted a painting to the Main Line Art Center for their member exhibit, which, unfortunately did not sell. (What can you do.)  I’m also currently working on new paintings for my very own art show, taking place October 2018. More to come on that later. 

Writing: Several months ago I decided I needed more structure (and to get my butt out of the house) so I signed up for a writing workshop, Telling Your Story: A Workshop in Writing Fiction and Memoir at Temple Ambler.  I’ve signed up for the workshop yet again, which starts February 8th. 

The workshop surprised me. I went in fully expecting to work on fiction, maybe even write a short companion piece/story to my novel, but instead, I wrote two personal essays, and the beginnings of a memoir. One of those pieces was used as part of my writing sample for an MFA program I just applied to. 

Another surprise was learning about the Rutgers-Camden MFA and other workshops in and around Philadelphia, I only applied to the one program. If I don’t get in, I’ll just continue to take workshops. I also need to spend the year networking and submitting, which is my least favorite part of this process. Last year I made some inroads painting. This year my goal is to publish, whether poems, short stories, or essays. My other goal is to finish the novel so I can begin to shop for editors/book coaches. 

It’s ambitious but exciting. I should hear back late February-early April regarding acceptance. Fingers crossed!   

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